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Nearly one in six California adults experiences a mental illness of some kind and one in 24 has a serious mental illness.  One in three children has an emotional disturbance that limits participation in daily activities. You can read more about California's mental health issue 

More concerning is that those who need help coping with a mental disability are in danger of being not served or under served because of a shortage of mental health professionals - a shortage that is projected to worsen.  You can read more about California's mental health professional shortage 

Sterling Solutions programs and services address this issue by providing mental health workforce education and training for peers in recovery, career contemplating graduates and mental health professionals.  Some our programs include 



Behavioral Health Outreach Peer Engagement

The Behvavioral Health Outreach Peer Engagement (BeHOPE) project purposes to:

  • Provide low-income, lived experience and re-entry mental health peers with work experience and job skills by training and deployment as community outreach workers;

  • Use peer outreach service to supplement and increase engagement in behavioral health services and supports;

  • Employ peers to increase public knowledge of mental health crisis prevention, planning, intervention, management.  





Want to be a certified peer specialist? Here's your opportunity! And the best thing?  IT'S FREE!

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